Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Emma and I went to Kennewick, Washington this weekend, for our annual post-Christmas "Girls' Weekend Out".  We stay in a hotel (with a pool and hot tub!), go to our favorite craft stores, restaurants, and thrift stores. This is the third year that we've done this, and it's apparently now ~~A Tradition~~.  It's a fun time and we both enjoy it.  We did have a bit of a rough patch this year at the pet store, because they had kittens up for adoption, but we got through it.

This year, in addition to the usual thrift store haul of basically an entire wardrobe for Emma for less than $30 (will she ever stop growing??!), I scored two cool kitchen items:

Thrift store finds: $1 each

My mom had several CorningWare casseroles like this, and it makes me all nostalgic to have one too.

The teapot is great, holds 32 ounces, and is a beautiful cobalt blue.  It also has a strainer insert for loose tea leaves that has largish holes but works well for large-leaf teas.  Plus it's so very teapot-shaped!

There are no scratches, dings, or chips on either the casserole or the teapot.  The best part?  Each one was only $1!  I love thrift stores.