Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do you ever feel like you're frantically busy all day, but when you look back it seems like you got nothing accomplished?

Yeah, I'm there.

In other news, we're still not moved. Tonight I attack the kitchen.

I guess the good news is that what we have managed to move to the new house is mostly put away.

(Aside: we have way too much stuff. This needs to change.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One other thing that I haven't mentioned before? We're moving. Why, you ask? No good reason, really. Shaun doesn't like the rental house we're in, and I'll admit that I'm not thrilled about the torn screens (repaired with duct tape by me) and unusable fireplace, not to mention the less-than-steller property management company that won't pay for a single thing to repair or maintain the house, even things that were broken when we moved in two years ago.

That said, it is a measure of how much I love my husband that I will leave a perfectly serviceable house with a fenced back yard and a gas stove in the kitchen, for a house with no fence and an electric stove. I'm still not sure where the clothesline will go.

I packed up the loom room over the weekend, and we moved most of it over last night, as well as some of Emma's stuff. We're renting a truck this weekend for most of the big furniture.

Ah, packing. How I love thee.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apparently, I do still know how to knit.

This is a custom order for my Etsy shop; fingerless mitts knit to look like the ones worn by Rose Tyler in the new Doctor Who series. They're made from Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, dyed by me to the proper shade of purple, which is not accurately represented in the photo. In real life, they're darker and less pink.

In the interests of full disclosure, and in case anyone's worried about me selling someone else's copyrighted design, I should mention that there is a very similar free pattern out there, also based on the mitts from the TV show. The customer sent me a link to the pattern as well as a screenshot (and I found more screenshots on my own), but I DID NOT EVEN LOOK at that other pattern before I finished knitting. These are my own design. I looked at the other pattern after I was finished, and while they are close (they would have to be, since we were aiming for the same design), they are not quite the same. I used worsted weight yarn, for one thing; she used DK. The number of stitches is different, my side cables are over 4 stitches, instead of 6, and my mitts seem to have a longer hand. The cable is a very basic, traditional design. In any case, I feel perfectly comfortable selling these mitts.

I figured out a pattern by looking at photos, yay me!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I haven't mentioned this before (why, I don't know, except that work has kicked my butt up one side and down the other the past two weeks...) but my hand dyed yarn is now also being carried over at Yarny-Goodness, a great online shop that specializes in small fiber artists.

Go on over and check it out! I'm Heritage Needlework there, same as for my Etsy shop.

Plus, Yarny-Goodness is having a one-day sale next Monday (10/13). Everything is 15% off!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If Senator McSame says "blah de blah...my friends...blah de blah de blah whatever" in that smug, condescending tone ONE MORE TIME, I swear I'm not going to held responsible for any damage to my TV.