Friday, September 24, 2004

Well, Emma did it again! She slept (nearly) through the night. I say nearly, because she did wake briefly at 3:15, but all I had to do was lay her back down, and she went right back to sleep. And I was awake anyway, so it wasn't like she was depriving me of any sleep. I don't know why I was awake, except that I occasionally do that- wake up at 2ish, then can't get back to sleep for a couple hours. Probably not enough excercise.

I'm going to Seattle tomorrow. I need to do some errands off-island anyway (Costco, pet food, etc), so I decided that I'd just trek to Seattle and visit the weaving shop that all my textile guild friends are always talking about. I want to get a boat shuttle for my loom, as I only have stick shuttles now, and they are a pain to use. Unwieldy and awkward. I have a chenille warp on the loom right now, and have already woven one scarf off it using the stick shuttle. I'm really proud of the way it came out, but I want to see if a boat shuttle speeds up the process any. Weaving is fun. I think for the next scarf I weave, I'm going to try a twill. If I can figure out how to do that on the rigid heddle loom. I think it's just a matter of using a pick-up stick. Need to check that out.

Emma will be coming with me, of course, so hopefully she won't be too fussy. She's usually a pretty good traveller. She likes her carseat.

I haven't done any fibery things since Wednesday! After I finished the little knitted doily, I did start a crocheted doily, but haven't gotten very far yet. It's this one. I've almost finished the solid center part of the pinwheel.

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