Saturday, October 09, 2004

After going to spinning group on Thursday, I got all energized to spin again, and did about three hours last night. That's after 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon on Thursday (Emma had a nap in her stroller almost the whole time we were at spinning group), so I really got a lot done. I'm currently working on a really nice Merino/silk blend that I got off Ebay. It spins up lovely- soft and with a nice sheen. I'm spinning it pretty fine, and will ply it for laceweight weaving yarn. I'm thinking scarves or a really drapey light shawl. Although I'm not sure about the shawl- where on earth would I wear it, for pete's sake.

The problem is that I like to make lace, but I'm just not a girly-girl, so I don't wear it. Same with doilies. So so so much fun to make, and really pretty, but there's a limit on how much lace I can stand to have on display in my house. Especially now that Emma is so mobile and curious. I caught her this morning carrying around a doily, waving it in the air and rubbing it under her nose like one of her blankets. With some doilies this wouldn't be a huge deal, but it was the "Nosegay" doily, which I really don't want to wash and block again if I don't have to. It took 352 pins and over an hour to block out the first time! After I blocked it, it spent the next three months rolled in tissue paper so it wouldn't get messed up before the County Fair. It did win a blue ribbon, though!

I have to get back to the loom, too. I haven't done any more on the placemat project since I finished the first one. Now that I have more than one shuttle, I won't have to cut the chenille yarn for the stripes; I can just carry it up the selvedge. I want to hurry up and finish the placemats so I can try out the log cabin pattern. So complicated looking, but just plain weave!

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