Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh, my head... it's all in a whirl. Where to start-

We went and saw three houses on Tuesday. The first was really nice. It's a two bedroom, two bathroom little house, really light, bright, and friendly feeling. Also close to town, nice yard, and only two years old, which are definate plusses. The second was OK, actually in town, but was rather cavernous, modern, and had a choppy floor plan. Very nice yard though. The third was much farther out of town, had huge bedrooms, and was very cozy and friendly, but right on a busy road. This third house had the biggest lot.

Wednesday we mulled things over, talked to the mortgage agent (Shaun did), and (in my case) spent a sleepless night thinking about spending money in the 6-figures.

Today, we went and looked at two more houses. The first today was out of our price range, but vey nice. We went mostly to have something to compare to, and weren't really considering it. The second we saw today was a little more reasonable, but neither Shaun nor I liked it much. It was OK, I suppose, but it was very 70's, and would need a fair bit of work. The lot was really nice- almost 2 acres, but the house itself was a little dark due to the large trees on three sides. I also got a weird vibe from the inside. It was sort of musty, and there was only one cabinet in the (cramped) kitchen. The master bedroom was on the first floor, right off the carport, and the other two bedrooms were on the other side of the house, upstairs. I'm a little uncomfortable with Emma being so far away. There was a large laundry room across from the master bedroom that could possibly have been adapted for Emma until she's older, but it wouldn't have been ideal. The whole house seemed a little damp. Outside, too, there were lots of mossy and dampish areas on the house and stonework.

Then we went back to the first one from Tuesday, and the more we looked at it, the more we liked it. We looked some more, and looked at each other, and decided-----


I can't quite believe it. This seems so fast. We went back to the realtor's office and filled out all the paperwork, and signed on the line with the X, and initialed on the jillion lines with the X's, and suddenly we are potential homeowners. The sellers have until Saturday 9:00 am to accept, reject, or modify the offer, and then we go from there.

I can't believe that in the space of less than a week, we've gone from cursory glances at the real estate pages in the paper, to this. Doesn't finding a house you like take longer than two days?

I get anxious about spending $100 at the grocery store- how am I going to deal with buying a HOUSE?

It is a really nice house, though. Now we just have to see if the offer is accepted, and if the financing comes through.

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waterlilysage said...

wow! that's wonder your head's a-spinnin. crossing fingers!