Sunday, November 28, 2004

I finally took some pictures of the finished yarn. I had to wait until we got some sun, because flash just doesn't do it justice. It shimmers and sparkles, and fairly glows. Here's the stuffed bobbin of 50% Merino 50% tussah laceweight 2-ply....

and here's the skein. It took over an hour to wind the yarn off the bobbin onto the niddy-noddy.

And just because it's so purty, here's a closeup of the yarn.

This skein is 1158 yards (1059 m) of 2-ply yarn, and weighs 3.77 oz (107 g).

I plied the rest of the singles yesterday, and got a skein that's 132 yards (121 m) long and weighs 0.41 oz (11.5 g).

So the total is 1280 yards and 4.18 oz. Yay me!!!

I think this yarn must become a shawl. I think it's imperative that this yarn become a shawl. Never mind that I never go anywhere that I could wear it. Maybe when Shaun and I go out to dinner for our anniversary. Or maybe Emma can wear it at her wedding. Or I can wear it at her wedding. Whatever. It doesn't matter. The yarn wants to be a shawl, and that's that.

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- Rose said...

This is beautiful - wow!!! It will make a lovely shawl.

- Rose