Monday, November 22, 2004

What a great spinning weekend I had! Perhaps I overdid it a little, as my right ankle (treadling foot) is a little sore today....

I did a lot on the Merino/silk 50:50 blend I've been working on forever. I did finally get around to weighing out enough roving to match the full bobbin I had already spun. It's really helpful to do that, as it gives me a finite end point and lets me feel like I'm making progress.

This is where I stand on this skein. The back bobbin is the full one, the front one is in progress, the roving is what I have left to spin on the current bobbin, and the sample in front is the finished two-ply.

Close-up of the two-ply. The singles are 110 wraps per inch, the two-ply is 57 wraps per inch. I'm quite pleased with my spinning on this project. It's the finest and prettiest yarn I think I've ever made.

I also played with the Rambouillet x Cormo fleece a little. I carded a couple locks on my dog brushes and spun some samples. I wasn't totally happy with the wool, as it was still a little greasy and sticky. I washed some of it a second time and rinsed it twice. It's now drying, but from what I can tell, it's a big improvement. The samples didn't draft very well, which was frustrating.

Please keep in mind that this wool was carded on dog brushes and didn't draft very well. This is not my best spinning. These are (from the bottom) two-ply, three-ply, four-ply, and five-ply. I decided I like the four-ply best, so I did up the rest of what I had spun as a four-ply mini skein. It's only about two yards.

Isn't it cute!!! This yarn is going to be great. It's so sproingy and squishy and I want a really big pile of it so I can take a nap in it. I can't stop squishing this sample in my hand.

Once I get this wool washed and carded properly, it will be lovely.

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