Thursday, December 02, 2004

A List to Think About

1) Chef salads are sometimes sold at the deli counters of grocery stores. This is a good thing, especially if it's 5:30 pm, you're hungry, and you won't be home for hours.

2) The mess that is created when a toddler grabs a chef salad from the deli counter and flings it on the floor is incredible.

3) Bleu cheese crumbles increase the messiness of the mess 10-fold.

4) Bleu cheese crumbles are very difficult to get out of a plastic lattice grocery basket.

5) Lettuce is very slippery.

6) The edge of the deli counter is very hard.

7) Toddlers are very fast.

8) It's hard to run when you're not sure if you've just cracked your head open and are having trouble focussing.

9) Grapes are good toddler bait.

10) Grapes are also slippery.

I dare you to ask me how I know these things.

1 comment:

waterlilysage said...

o no...small wee pirate not cause your mama to crack her head open...