Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Knit some more on the alpaca shawl last night, but had a very frustrating time when I discovered a mistake. Three rows back, I started the patterning two stitches to the right of where I should have. This meant that the nice symmetrical lines of the fabric were not symmetrical anymore- there is supposed to be an eyelet diamond centered in a background lattice of double eyelets. The lattice was no longer centered around the diamond. Not good. This pattern is SO regular that any wonkiness stands right out.

So, after putting it down for half an hour or so and repeatedly telling myself that IT MUST BE DONE, I ripped out those three rows, and spent the next half hour picking up stitches and redoing the eyelets so that each one was back on the needles properly. Quite a fiddly job. But it's done now, and I knit another four rows just so I could say that I had net progress last night.

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