Sunday, January 09, 2005

Over the past few days, there has been fluffy whiteness everywhere! We don’t usually get much snow here, since we’re on an island and the water modifies the temperature, but on Thursday my backyard looked like this.

It's only about 2”, but it’s so pretty. Even better, it has lasted more than a day! Usually whatever snow we get melts right away, but it’s been really cold since Wednesday night. The roads are a mess, since the island only has one sand truck, and people here don’t deal well with snow. It got just warm enough Thursday afternoon to partially melt some of the roads, but then of course they froze again, and Friday they were a sheet of ice. I actually slid off the road on my way into work Friday, avoiding another car. Luckily it was a controlled slide, and though I did go off the road, it was onto grass and wild blackberry bushes. No damage, no owies. Except maybe to the blackberries. I think Emma thought it was fun, but my heart was going a mile a minute.

So that was outside. Inside, we have this fluffy whiteness…

I finished carding the first of two pillowcases full of the Rambouillet x Cormo fleece. That box contains 24 one-ounce balls of roving, and the other pillowcase contains 34 oz of uncarded wool. This fleece started out at 6.7 lb and is now 3.6 lb, so that’s a 54% loss from washing. Quite a bit of grease.

While I was carding, I dropped the second cuts, neps, and other bits I picked out onto the floor beside me. Emma decided that she was going to help me, picked them up and deposited them on the Christmas tree beside her. I give you…

Emma’s fluffy white Christmas tree.


Elayne said...

Emma did a lovely job of decorating the tree. She's obviously a fiberholic like her mom.
Wish I had your drum carder...I'd love to retire my hand carders, at least for the bulk of the work. What kind do you have?

BTW I love your blog, I'll be back.

Maryellen said...

Snow is great. It looks as if you were very productive while your partner was away. Happy spinning