Saturday, January 15, 2005

Today I added two new birds to my list of species seen in my new yard. Not new to the life list, just new to the yard list. Red-breasted nuthatches are always fun- they’re so tailored and elegant- but the red crossbills were the most exciting. I’ve seen them before, but always way up at the top of tall trees. These were right in prime viewing range, about 15 feet off the ground and 20 feet from the house. I sat at my living room window with binoculars and watched them prising fir cones apart for about half an hour. I could actually see their crossed bills!

Earlene, a member of my Textile Guild, came over this afternoon to see if I could repair an antique crocheted baby cap that has a few broken threads. It really is a lovely piece, made out of what looks like #20 3-ply cotton thread, with hundreds of bullion stitches. It was made by her grandmother in the very early 1900’s, probably 1903. Her grandmother made it for her mother when she was born, Earlene wore it when she was a baby, Earlene’s daughter wore it, and now Earlene has a granddaughter. What a wonderful family heirloom. I’m so glad I can help preserve it for the next generation.

I even had some vintage thread that I found at the thrift store that’s a virtual match to the cap. The color is very slightly darker, but the thickness, twist, and sheen are the same. There are only three spots that needed repair- two bullion stitches and a half-double crochet, so it didn’t take too long to fix.

Here’s the damaged area before and after.

Pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work-- can't tell where the fix starts and the original ends. I coulda used you for a knitted hat that had a dog-chewed hole in the middle of it. I did a hack job, but the fix could be tucked behind the folded brim, so that was the end of it.