Friday, February 11, 2005

I made tremendous progress on the shawl last night. I finished all the rows that have yarn-overs, plus a few of garter stitch! Now I just have 24 rows of garter stitch and the bind-off left. I was debating whether to do an attached i-cord edge instead of binding off, but I think I'll skip that and bind off on needles about 4 sizes bigger instead. I'm using US 7's now, and if I bind off with 10's or 11's, that should leave the top edge nice and flexible, and give a loopy effect that will match the yarn-over loops that start each row.

The last few rows went faster than I thought they would. It's still a lot of stitches (up to 303 now!), but not having to read the pattern at all or even think about what I was doing really helped a lot. And I didn't make any stupid mistakes- I checked before I started the garter stitch!

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