Thursday, March 24, 2005

I finished the second sleeve last night. Tonight I will redo the calculations for the raglan decreases and start knitting the yoke. The end is in sight! At least I don't have to do the calculations from scratch- just plug in new numbers to the write-up from the first time around, allowing for a deeper armhole. Thank goodness I kept good notes!

I spun the rest of the Colonial roving this morning while Emma was napping, and plyed it all up while she was engaged in transferring Cheerios from bowl to bowl after lunch. (Putting little things in containers is really big with her right now.) This is 15.5 oz. and 1020 yds of three-ply.

Love it. Love the colors, love the softness, love the squishability. I was browsing around the web the other day, and I'm reasonably sure this was Ashland Bay Trading Company top. The colorway looks just like the "Teal Multicolor Top" shown on their website. I s'pose I could call the store I got it from, to be sure. I would definitely buy Ashland Bay top again, if that is indeed what it is. Great product, super easy to spin.

The little skein farthest away in the picture is the "leftover skein," Navajo-plied from the last bobbin that had singles on it. It's only about 100 yds. I was surprised at how well it matches the other skeins. It's slightly fuzzier and slightly more uneven since it wasn't made of three separate singles smoothly run together all in the same direction, but really, it doesn't look bad. If I run short of yarn on Emma's sweater, it will do fine for cuffs. I was also glad to see that Navajo plying "clicked" for me this time. Last time I tried it, about a year ago, I couldn't keep up and got an overtwisted mess. This time my hands just seemed to know what to do.


Kris said...

Wow, that yarn looks absolutely wonderful! I'm also amazed at the speed that the cabled sweater is reappearing. :)

Liz said...

You are fast, woman! Which is not to be confused with being a fast woman, of course ;) Your progress on your dad's sweater is nothing short of amazing! And the yarn for Emma is beautiful, I love the color. When I was first learning to spin, I used some of the Ashland Bay top, but it ended up being way more chunky. Must try it again with more skill and experience behind me. Looks great!