Thursday, May 05, 2005

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who left comments with well-wishes and sympathy over the past month. I didn't reply, but they were all appreciated. I think it's amazing that people I've never even met can be so warm and caring.

I'm slowly fitting back into life at home. I feel sort of like a puzzle piece that's lost one of its "arms." Being away for a month puts everything out of kilter, and having everyone here tell me they're so sorry doesn't help. They all look at me like they expect me to burst into tears at any moment, but I think I'm pretty much past that stage. (All bets are off this coming Sunday, though, what with the Hallmarkiness and everything.)

Fiber-wise, I've just been working on three little hardanger bookmarks to enclose as thank-you gifts to people up in Maine who helped out my dad and me while Mom was in the hospital. I haven't done any knitting, spinning, or anything else since I've been home. I haven't even worked on the little child's aran sweater I started in the hospital.

I really should get back to Dad's sweater since it's almost done, but I haven't felt like it. I was thinking about this lack of interest in knitting last night, and realized that I may be putting off finishing the sweater because I was working on it when Dad called to tell me about Mom's accident. Negative associations, there.

I think I need some quiet spinning time.


Matty said...

Hi, I left an anonymous comment last time but thought I'd let you know who I was this time. :) I really enjoy reading about your hobbies despite their being so different in mine (Except one...)

I just wanted to suggest that this Sunday--for once--treat it as any other day of the year, because it actually is, ya know? Thought that might help you avoid a waterworks day. :-\

I read in another post you're a fan of sci-fi and star wars!! awesome! I hope you get a chance to check out my blog, as I've temporarily decked it out Star Wars style! The anticipation for EpIII is killing me...

Also, I find your stories about Emma warm and exciting. My sister just recently announced she's pregnant so I'm going to finally see what all this fuss about babies is! lol.

Anyway, best wishes and glad to see you're coping well.


Liz said...

The meditativeness of spinning might be exactly what you need to clear your mind. I disagree with Matt about treating Sunday like any other day. It's your day now. A day to revel in the wonderfulness of being a mom, and spend time with Emma.
Take care.