Thursday, October 13, 2005

A quick post to show what I've been working on recently. This is my current hardanger project- more sachet tops. I figure it'll be good to have them on hand, either for Christmas presents or to sell at the Fair next year.

So, the overview of all ten:

And the close-ups:

I'm going to do each one with different stitches in the middle so I don't get bored and because it's good practice.

And here's the product of three hour's spinning last night. The lace flyer and I have successfully bonded. This is I-don't-know-how-many yards of 145 wpi merino/silk singles. This should ply up to about 75 wpi two-ply, which will be knitted into lace at some point.

Not quite froghair, but getting close. Don't you just love the term froghair?

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Kris said...


Every time you post photos of your work I am amazed and speechless. Truly beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the photos.