Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The past three days, I have felt like a pirate. Or Mad-Eye Moody from the Harry Potter books. For those who may not know, Mad-Eye Moody is a wizard with a glass eye, whose favorite phrase is "Constant Vigilance!"

Due to the fact that I am an idiot, I have been wearing the same pair of contact lenses for FAR too long. (And no, I'm not telling just how long it's been, since I know of at least one person who would be appalled and probably lose all respect for me...Let's just say it's been longer than the recommended 2-3 weeks. It's also been longer than the 4-5 weeks I usually push them to...). When I opened the last pair, I neglected to take the time and order more. I do take them out at night and clean them, but it's still been way too long. I kept putting it off and putting it off, until here I sit, in the pickle that I'm in.

Last Thursday (the day of the Harrowing Trip), I noticed that my left contact had an eensy-weensy little tear at the edge. Just a smidge. Too small to notice, really. I kept wearing them, but did finally break down and order more. I'm sorry, Rizz, but I really hate wearing glasses during the day. Last Sunday night, however, the left contact tore in half. Even I can't delude myself that wearing a completely torn contact would be "OK for just one more day."

Which leads us to the glasses. Normally, I would have just worn my glasses after tearing a contact. However, Emma snapped off one of the side pieces a couple months ago. Have I fixed them? Of course not. So I'm left with one very old but still working contact and one pair of broken glasses, the prescription of which happens to be about six years old anyway.

So for three days, I have been wearing just my right-eye contact. I'm pretty right-eye dominant to begin with, and my vision isn't super-bad, so aside from the fact that everythings a bit off kilter, I can still go to work, do things with Emma, and such, but it's really not fun.

I'm a little squinty all the time and feel like I should be saying "Arrr! Ahoy me maties!", due to the lack of sight on the left, hence the pirate feeling.

And why the Mad-Eye Moody feeling? Well, I discovered Emma covered with sunscreen yesterday (the waterproof, sticky kind, of course). She smiled sweetly at me and said "Emma washing hair with shampoo, Mama!"

Constant vigilance, indeed.


Kris said...

Prior to my lasik I used to do the same thing with contacts. Made my husband crazy.

cyndy said...

I've had to wear a contact lense (bandage) in one eye for the past 16 months.(I do go once a month to see the eye doc and have it changed out.) Thing is, my son scratched my cornea with his fingernail when he was very little. Seventeen years later it has become a problem for me in the form of corneal erosion. PLEASE take care of your eyes...they deserve it! Also, just catching up and saw the afgan in the post below...what a very nice thing you did by finishing that project!

salmon said...

oh my goodness, i love when kids refer to themselves in the third person. super cutes.