Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've spent the past two evenings plying up all the warp for this year's Sheep-to-Shawl. This is the Romney lamb/baby alpaca blend that I started spinning at the end of April- the rest of the spinners finally got their singles done, and I was able to ply.

This is 1475 yards of somewhat uneven yummy softness. Perhaps it was the alpaca, but it seemed like the singles were more uneven than they have been in the past. Too much twist was the biggest problem. But, I know it will be fine once it's woven up. I'm going to spinning today (in about 10 minutes) and will deliver it to the weaver so she can start warping. We're using it undyed again this year.

Emma and I went for a walk yesterday, on the trail behind the lab where I work. Along the way, we came across a big patch of salmonberries.


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