Saturday, June 24, 2006

Potential aquarium excitement? My panda cory catfish have been exhibiting some of the behaviors associated with breeding! For the past two days, they have been very active- chasing each other around the bottom of the tank, scooting up and down the walls of the tank together. The water quality is fine, the other fish aren't doing anything unusual, and I don't think anything in the tank has changed that would stress them out. All the fish seem healthy, and the cories have grown quite a bit since I got them. They're now about 1-1.25 inches long, which is their adult size. I haven't seen them in the "T-position" that corydoras catfish assume during mating, but they're sticking closer together than they have in the past.

I haven't seen any eggs on the glass or plants, but I'll keep looking!

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PJ said...

How exciting keep us posted ;) Like your weaving and the garden update..I want to see what those petunias come out to be, too! Love the melted pic of your relaxed!