Friday, July 07, 2006

OK, so I may be in trouble with this urchin shawl and my self-imposed deadline. Here's how much of the charts I have done so far:

And here's what I have left:

If I think I can get this done in slightly over a month, it's possible that I've finally lost it. The last round I did had 800 stitches, and every fourth round adds 20.

I did four rounds last night, and it took two hours. I have 142 rounds left. Plus 40 repeats of the 40 stitch wide/ 35 row tall edging.

I have 39 days remaining until the Fair.

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rustyconc said...

Wow - That's almost 2 hrs/day until the fair, doing the 800 odd stich rounds you're doing now.... so for the full thing you'd need to do what - 3-4 hrs/day!!!???