Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I was watching Tivo-ed shows last night, and was excited to see that the guest on the most recent Knitty Gritty was none other than Cat Bordhi! This is exciting for me because I actually know Cat Bordhi. She lives in Friday Harbor, where I lived until three months ago.

Cat's first book (Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles) was what got me back into knitting big time when we moved to Friday Harbor in 2001, after a fairly long hiatus (during college and grad school) of doing just cross-stitch, hardanger, and crochet. It was all socks all the time for at least a year after I got that book. I made every pair in the book before continuing the sock adventure with my own designs.

Furthermore, I was actually in our local yarn store (Island Wools) a couple years ago when she came in, all excited, to show the owner this cool new technique she had just worked out- seamless Moebius knitting, which was the topic of the Knitty Gritty episode.

Last summer at the San Juan County Fair, she was watching the speed-knitting contest (I placed second :-) hee hee!) and told me I was one of the fastest throwing-style knitters she'd ever seen. (Which I can't believe is true, but it was nice of her to say, though I can get the speed up there if it's plain knitting- I rely heavily on the muscle memory of my hands.)

So there you have it, my association with celebrity. And here's my very first pair of socks ever, from 2001. (Aside: they've held up pretty well considering they've been worn and machine washed/dried nearly every week for five years!) I was so excited when I finished the first one that I kept exclaiming to Shaun "It's shaped like a FOOT!"

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Leigh said...

Neat story! Now you've got me interested in Cat's book. And very handsome first socks!