Sunday, December 31, 2006

I guess I should probably start coming down from the Urchin high. (But it's just so pretty!) I neglected to mention in that last post that it was my 300th post!

I haven't done much of anything fibery in the past couple days, though I did start a knitted doily out of the froghair silk I spun at the end of October.

I'm up to round 28 of 86, but I've been bogged down there for the past two days. This pattern is written out line-by-line, and I find it excruciating to knit lace from anything other than a chart. I may have to take a time out and chart the whole pattern for myself. I'm also debating whether I should frog the whole thing and start over on smaller needles.

During the last stages of the Urchin , I spun up the rest of the 80:20 merino:silk that I have been spinning forever (the bottomless bag o' fiber) into a beautiful yarn that is, shockingly, NOT laceweight. I finally got around to washing it today. It's very yummy and soft, but I don't know what it's going to become yet. Perhaps weft in something.

This is 415 yards and 7.7 oz. of ~12 wpi two-ply. I love the sheen that silk gives a yarn.

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