Sunday, December 03, 2006

I've started another weaving project, as a change of pace from knitting and to generate some thank-you/Christmas gifts for people who helped us out during our transition from Friday Harbor to La Grande. I'm going to make huck lace stoles, three of them, out of some lovely 18/2 Jaggerspun superfine merino I got off Ebay. This will be the finest-gauge yarn I've ever woven (5040 ypp), and my most ambitious weaving project to date. I'm anxious to see how they look when finished.

I finished measuring the warp today, all 7 1/2 yards and 425 ends of it. Whew. I really like the warping reel, and feel like I am getting more even tension than I ever did on my warping board, but the whirling reel makes me feel ever so slightly motion sick. I could only wind about a hundred ends before I had to take a break and let my head recover. But the warp is done now, safely tied and chained, just waiting for me to count heddles and dress the loom. Doesn't it look scrumptious?!

Other news from around the house includes another installment from "Adventures in Toddlerland." Emma has been clamoring for her own pair of scissors for a while now, and last time we were in the grocery store she started up again when we went past the school supplies. I've been talking to her about how scissors are only for big kids, and how they're a lot of responsibility, and how they are not toys, and are only for use on her coloring paper. She seemed like she was paying attention and absorbing the lecture, so I gave in that day and got her a pair of blunt kid's scissors. When we got home, I gave her the paper-only lecture again, and she spent a happy evening making confetti. I was happy- she was improving her motor skills; she was happy- she was making a mom-sanctioned mess. All was well. (You can tell where this is going, right?)

The next day, however, saw this:

See that paler patch on Naia's side? Yep, she gave the cat a haircut while I was in the bathroom. She also cut off a chunk of her own hair, though that's not visible and I only noticed because she left the chunk on the bed next to the cat. Luckily, no blood was drawn and except for a rather silly looking cat, it's all OK.

The scissors, however, have gone to a high shelf for a couple weeks.


cyndy said...

Your huck lace project looks great! Lucky gift recipents! for Emma and the new scissors, she makes me remember some adventures with cutting of my own! (at the age of 9- when I learned to sew, my mother still made me call her before I started cutting the pattern...nuff said) are a wise mom to put them on the shelf!

Leigh said...

ROFL about that cat!!!! I shouldn't laugh, but at least it will grow back. Oh my, I remember those days.

And yay for huck!!! I'll be very interested in your stole project. I love merino and huck, and am anxious to see how they turn out.

vanessa said...

at least it was the cat. when i was little i stuck a whole box of bandaids on my sister's face ;-)

PJ said...

Your projects sound grand! oh, my...I can't beleive the cat would sit still for it's 'haircut'! ;) Oh, Toddlerland is SO fun!

Valerie said...

You knew it was coming....and why should you be spared that universal maternal experience?

The weaving plans sound lovely.

Charleen said...

Sorry about the cat, Sue, but it really is a right of passage. One of my daughters was on both the giving and the receiving end of a bangs cutting experience. Think scissors placed flat on the forehead. The bangs were all of 1/4" long!

Can't wait to see the progress on the huck stoles.