Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're back in La Grande, and I've gotten back to daily work on the urchin shawl. However, with 65.5 repeats of the edging done, I face this:

Yep, ran out of yarn. Luckily, I planned ahead two weeks ago, and have this waiting in the wings:

Too bad about this running into the beginning of another skein, but I can always use the leftover yarn for another project. There will be plenty for a stole. The new skein is a different dyelot, but it's pretty close and I planned from the start to overdye the whole thing anyway, so hopefully it won't be a problem. (We're leaving aside for now the whole issue of me being able to entrust this project, that I've worked on for so long and to which I am so attached, to a dyepot. Scary scary. I've never dyed anything before, except some roving at a Guild meeting three years ago. Oh, yes, there will be sampling with the leftover yarn.)

On the other hand, did you SEE how few stitches are left on the circular needle????!!! I only have 14.5 repeats left to do!


Cyndy said...

You had me going for a moment, until I scrolled down and saw the photo of the new skein!

Only 14.5 repeats to go! (why do I want to start thinking in terms of NASA, and T-minus ...?)

Liz said...

I was so excited because I thought you finished... then dashed... then hopeful. Whew, time for a nap! ;)
Go, Sue, Go!