Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Have you just about given up any hope of fibery work here? I nearly have myself. The reasons for this are several-fold.

Firstly, we had company this weekend. One of Shaun's fellow slug brain researchers (he really does do research on sea slug brains!) was here for four days, so the day before he arrived was taken up with cleaning the house etc. The loom room is also the guest room, so I still haven't threaded the huck lace warp. That's my goal for this week, after I fold the futon and unfold the loom.

The second reason for the lack of fibery work is much more subtle, sneaky, and insidious. Shaun and I got ourselves a wireless router for our DSL for Christmas. Which means I'm no longer tied to the big desktop computer for internet surfing. Which means that I can surf from My Comfy Chair. Which means that knitting/spinning/crochet/hardanger time is compromised. I mean, I say I'm just going to go online for a minute and check my email, then get back to knitting. Then I get online, and I say, "Well, I may as well check Bloglines while I've got the computer on..." then that leads to following links and admiring gorgeous fiber and yarn, and dreaming about wool combs and dye and Cormo fleeces and silk bricks and carders and Merino wool and Ashland Bay roving and.......... Well, at least it's only daydreaming and not actual spending. It's more fun that way, anyway. Though I think that wool combs may have to come to live at my house soon. I'm thinking Indigo Hound 5-pitch fine English combs. Anyone have experience with those? (Or a pair they don't want anymore?!) The reviews I've seen have been good.

The third reason for the lack of fibery posts recently is that I've been charting the green mitten pattern, and have been paralyzed with indecision. See, I got the idea to put some cable-y goodness on the back of the mitten, and have been having a hard time deciding and fitting the cable to the space and generally getting it to match what's in my head. I got a cable charted up last night- I'll test knit it today, and we'll see. I still think it needs tweaking.

I guess that's it for now, though I did want to share my happiness with a purchase I made yesterday.

We have a large Bissell ProHeat upright carpet cleaner that works great (love it), but it's a pain to lug it out just to clean up one little spot. With a three-year-old, an indoor/outdoor dog, and a cat who is prone to hairballs, we frequently have "little spots." I would put off cleaning up until there were several little spots, thus making the task more difficult than it needed to be. I was in Bi-Mart yesterday (aside: Bi-Mart is a 100% employee-owned, membership discount store that is our alternative to the giant Sprawl-Mart down the road. Lifetime membership is $5, and unlike Sprawl-Mart, doesn't make me sick to my stomach when I think about their business practices. Sorry, off my soapbox now.) Anyway, I was in Bi-Mart yesterday, and they had these small carpet cleaners on sale for 50% off. I got the last one off the pallet. It's about the size of a Dustbuster, much more convenient than the upright for little jobs. I was actually excited when the cat threw up last night- the scrubber worked great!


Marie said...

I must be your much, much older twin. Here I sit, reading blogs on the laptop, in front of the tv, pondering whether to knit or spin.

Liz said...

The internet is a major impediment to my crafty endeavors. And I don't even have DSL.

I definitely like the sound of Bi-Mart.

Leigh said...

Well, charting mitten patterns counts. And boy can I relate to the pondering / indecision part! But.... you want to be happy with it right? I'm sure if you surf long enough you'll come up with the answer :)

Charleen said...

I couldn't stop laughing thinking about your glee when the cat threw up! And charting certainly does count. I just spent hours playing with my weaving software and a crackle draft.