Saturday, January 27, 2007

I finished the first huck lace stole last night! Using the larger shuttle and memorizing the pattern really sped up the weaving, and I got into a good rhythm. I did 12.5 repeats of the pattern, hemstitched the end, and did all the finishing yesterday, in about 4 hours. Here it is still on the loom- I love the way a piece of weaving looks when the fabric is rolled onto the cloth beam. It looks so.... official and weaverish.

I decided to cut off the first stole before weaving the second and third, because I discovered two sleying errors that I want to correct. They aren't super noticeable, but they bug me enough that I want to correct them.

So I cut off the first stole, trimmed and twisted the fringe,

and wet finished it. I gave it an Orvus bath in the sink, then spun it out and rinsed it in the washing machine. I gave it a bit of gentle agitation during the rinse to make the yarn bloom. It dried overnight, I pressed it this morning, and voila!

Before and after:

The yarn poofed up and the lace areas are more defined. The wet finishing also smoothed out my sometimes uneven beat.

I love it. The fabric is so soft, and I like the huck lace pattern I designed. I'm looking forward to weaving the rest of this warp.

The specs:

6.1 oz (175 g) Jaggerspun Superfine Merino yarn, 18/2, 5040 ypp
set at 19 epi and 19 ppi
22.75" x 80.25" off the loom
20" x 75" after wet finishing
huck lace pattern (my own)

My selvedges still need work, though they improved the more I wove. I'll eventually get an end-feed shuttle, but for now I'll keep practicing. I was a little worried that 18.5 repeats would be too long (wasn't sure what the shrinkage would be after finishing), but I think it came out just right. It's a good length to wear. When I had it on for the pictures, I felt like I should be going to the symphony or something.


Bron said...

It's beautiful! Well done - I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it. I haven't woven lace in wool, but now you have me adding that to my list of things to weave!

Liz said...

To me, you are "official and weaverish". ;)

The stole is beautiful, Sue!

jackie said...

Huck really is magic when it hits water! Your shawl is beautiful. Go get your tickets to the symphony. You deserve it!

PJ said...

What GORGEOUS work...what patience and beautiful handwork. Such a timeless piece to have forever!

Charleen said...

Beautiful, Sue! You know you're hooked when you see the beauty in all of the processes of weaving.

Leigh said...

It's gorgeous! What a beautiful huck design. You did good on that one Girl!

vanessa said...

simply stunning!

Swanknitter said...

Absolutely gorgeous and a great inspiration as I start my learning to weave course on Weds. While huck lace isn't on my list of things I want to learn, your work is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I didn't know you could make lace on a loom! Just goes to show you how much I know about weaving...