Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Seen and heard over the past few days:
  • At the indoor playground- A mother, to her son (~4 yrs), who is approximately 6 feet away, "STOP SHOUTING AT ME, DANNY! I HATE THAT!"
  • At the doctor's office- A mother, to her daughter (~5 yrs), who is hysterically screaming that she doesn't want to go in and get her tetanus shot, "It won't hurt at all, I promise. Now get your butt in gear and don't be a baby." Ten minutes later Mom is dragging her daughter out of the office by the arm, daughter is sobbing "It hurt, it hurt...." over and over.
  • In the grocery store- A father to his son (~3 yrs), who asked if they could buy apples, "If you don't shut the **** up, I'm going to smack you to next week." This said while Dad raised his arm with a closed fist. Son cringed and ducked behind the cart.
Is it just me or is there something very wrong with our society?


Liz said...

Sad. And scary. I've been thinking there's something seriously wrong with our society for a while.

yoko said...

I'm surprised to hear that this happens in your neck of the woods. I see it here in the city all the time (and hate it)-- I had always attributed it to ignorance and an unstable family life. I had thought this kind of thing doesn't happen outside the inner cities. I guess I was wrong, and that the social decay has spread deepter than I thought.

Valerie said...

There's something wrong with our society. Went to a budget planning class at the credit union with my 21 year old son last night (I was the moral support so he wouldn't have to go alone). The focus was learning to live within your means. Much to my surprise, most people are not (living within their means).
Material things have replaced the importance of relationships. Therefore it's okay to lie and mistreat others.

Swanknitter said...

See my blog re single mother across the street. She was constantly screaming at her kids who promptly burst into tears. I heard one of the boyfriends yell at the little boy in a totally inappropriate way and he isn't even the kid's father. I don't think people know how to parent, and the ones thaqt care about it over-protect.

The Purloined Letter said...

I've been hearing so much of this kind of disrespect towards children lately. It just makes me want to cry! Half the time it makes me feel like such a good mother since I don't do anything this bad. The other half the time, I realize how often I don't live up to the what I think is right.