Sunday, April 22, 2007

Eggs! I found five panda cory eggs last night, and carefully removed them from the tank to raise separately.

They are about 1.5 mm (1/16") in diameter, sticky, and quite hard. I was able to pick them off the java fern leaves with my fingers. I kept them in a plastic tub overnight, but I'm off the the store in a few minutes to get a brooding net so they can live in the aquarium. I'd rather not have to worry about the water in the tub getting too cold or icky.

A little research online revealed that the eggs should hatch in 3-6 days, and it will take about two days after hatching to absorb the yolk sac. After two weeks they begin to show the adult coloration, and at about two months, they will be ~.75" long, which is about how big mine were when I got them.

The adults I have are about 1.25" long. I just checked my archive, and I got them on April 14, 2006. It's been a year already! Doesn't seem like that long.

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