Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I finally finished spinning the merino and silk blend that I dyed in December. This wasn't the greatest fiber, being somewhat noily, matted, and difficult to draft. Additionally, the silk fiber consisted of greatly varying lengths- anywhere from an inch to more than a foot.

Still, I like the finished product.

The colors are so saturated and the silk makes it glow. I couldn't capture the luminous quality of the singles, but the colors are pretty true, at least on my monitor.

Amethyst and Sapphire.

I have 112 grams of the Sapphire, and 114 grams of the Amethyst. No idea of yardage, and I didn't measure the wraps per inch (probably about 50-60ish?) but it's pretty fine and I think even if I plied, there would be enough of each for a scarfy shawly thing.

I still haven't decided what these will become, or even if I will ply them. Right now, I'm enjoying looking at the colors.


Suz said...

Very pretty colors. I have some fibres that I bought just because I like the colors. They live on a shelf for me to look at. Your fibres would qualify as that kind of "art"

Laritza said...

Lovely colors. In the book Three-cornered and Long Shawls by
—Sigridur Halldórsdóttir , there are several shawls that use two color. These two would be perfect together for something like that.
Schoolhouse press has the book. The link is: http://www.schoolhousepress.com/lace.htm
Scroll down to the blue one on th e cover is something that might give you an idea. This link has a scan of the back cover that has all the shawls in the book:
Hope that helps.

Leigh said...

Well, it may have been difficult to spin, but they are lovely. Two of my favorite colors. What fun to decide what to do with them.

yoko said...

My two favorite jewel tones.

And Miss Emma is quite the sparkling jewel herself!

jackie said...

I love the peeking in the top photo. The colours are beautiful, And I am amazed at how fine your spinning is for a fiber that was "not the greatest"