Monday, April 09, 2007

I spun up the rest of the hand dyed merino top from Liz on Saturday. Such pretty colors! It looked beautiful on the bobbin.

I wound it into a centerpull ball, where it also looked beautiful. I love the way the layers of singles make little windows.

Then onto the niddy-noddy for skeining.

A wash and dry overnight, and done!

That's 2.0 oz, 450 yards, and about 25-30 wpi laceweight yarn. I spun it worsted, short draw, from predrafted top, without excessive twist.

The wraps per inch measurement was really difficult to do, because the poof factor on this yarn is incredible. The singles were about 80 wpi, so I expected the finished yarn to be about 40 wpi. The merino was so light and crimpy, though, that it just bloomed and puffed and fluffed and expanded after it was washed. The skein went from 72 inches around, to 60 inches around! This is the softest yarn I've ever spun.

Thanks, Liz! I've really enjoyed this.


Valerie said...

very pretty! What's it going to be when it "grows up"?

Suz said...

Definitely very soft and pretty!

Olinka said...

The yarn looks great, very fluffy on the screen, and will surely make something interesting. Looking forward seeing the final product.