Monday, May 21, 2007

I am woman, hear me roar!!! Today I fixed my garbage disposal, all by myself.

Google is my friend. I had a jammed impeller (the scary spinny-around thing that you can see from above). Did you know that there's a hole in the bottom of most garbage disposals that fits a hex wrench, and if you turn the hex wrench back and forth, it turns the disposal innards back and forth and clears the jam? I didn't either. But it works!

Yes, I know I should be composting and not using the disposal.

Anyway. Time to update you on The Panda Cory Show. Sadly, Season One ended on a low note. The last lonely brave baby didn't make it either. I'm not sure why none made it past 11 days old. The last one appeared to be eating, and was perky the night before the morning when he was floating. Perhaps he was too stressed by the high temperatures that one day. Perhaps the water quality in his little tub wasn't good enough, despite twice-daily water changes using water from the big tank. I just don't know.

Happily, Season Two starts today! I found 7 more eggs! Four of them are older eggs, with the larva visible inside, three are still very young, with nothing visible. I have removed them from the big tank, and they are in the small tub, but I'm seriously considering getting a small tank and a sponge filter for them. Maybe being in a larger volume of water will work better for them. It will at least be easier regulate the temperature, that's for sure.

Finally, just because I can after our walk today, I'd like to show you this:

and also:

as well as:

not to mention:

I love orchids.


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jackie said...

Sorry to hear about the last wee fishy being found belly up. But glad to hear that season two is starting!

ANd the orchids.... So pretty!

Leigh said...

Good old google. It's helped me fix my computer many a time. I'm sorry to hear that your last little fry didn't make it, but glad you have more eggs. Fingers crossed!