Saturday, June 23, 2007

I enjoy my evenings after Emma goes to bed, which is usually around 8:00pm. It's "me" time, with no interruptions. Last night was very good.

Emma was bouncing off the walls, because we had had a busy day; we were both tired, and my fuse was a bit short. I was trying to read my email, so I sent her in to bug Shaun, who was reading in the bedroom. That was about 7:00pm.

I continued to read and surf around. I took this picture at around 7:15. Naia (the cat) often curls up next to me when Emma has been out of the room for a while, especially in the evening, probably because the love-mauling danger goes way down when she's not around. He was exceptionally snuggly this night, which did make it somewhat more difficult to use the mouse.

At 7:45, I realized that I hadn't heard any sounds from Emma or Shaun in a while. I untangled myself from the cat and peeked into my bedroom.

Both out cold at 7:45. Shaun is enjoying the class he's teaching, but it's full tilt activity all day, and is quite exhausting and intense. Unfortunately, he had to be at a class activity at 8:00, so I had to wake him up. I left Emma where she was.

I pulled out my wheel, put a Harry Potter dvd in the computer, and had a lovely evening to myself.

The wool is a Border Leicester/alpaca blend that we are spinning for the Sheep to Shawl warp. I spun three batts into singles, and I'm also the plyer again this year. I plied three stuffed-full bobbins of two-ply today, and have probably another bobbin left to go. This is about 2/3 of what we'll need for the practice shawl on July 10 and the real shawl at the Fair in August.

I'm enjoying spinning here. The armchair in our cottage at the Lab is a perfect, PERFECT spinning chair. It's just the right height for me, just the right depth, and wide enough that my elbows don't feel crowded but the arms are low enough that I can still put my arm up on the chair arm if I want to. I can lean back and treadle at the same time, so my back is supported. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took it home....


PJ said...

THAT is the most adorable thing I've seen today! (your husband and daughter) looked like you had a nice 'me' time as well :) Don't you just love those times!

jackie said...

That happens here from time to time with Bill and the babe, but NEVER with the older kids. Some nights I have to hog time and throw them into bed!

What a great evening you must have had.

Renee said...

You make spinning sound so easy. Wanna come show me a trick or two?

vanessa said...

tough choice on the beads, they both look great!

can you please post a photo of the chair, i need a good one?