Monday, June 04, 2007

The Panda Cory Show is still going strong. I'm pleased to report that the remaining four fry are now 14 days old, two full weeks. This feels like a triumph, since the oldest one of the last batch only made it to 11 days. I hadn't seen all four at the same time recently, and usually I only see one at a time, but when I fed them last night, I saw all four at once! They are so cute, the way they hop around the tank and nibble at the food particles in the sand.

See that white blob behind his head? That's a full tummy! They have really gotten the hang of this eating thing. After I feed them microworms, their stomachs turn white like that, and after I feed crushed flakes, their stomachs turn orange.

I also added seven more eggs to the tank on Friday. They are looking pretty close to hatching, probably in the next day or so.

new eggs and 14 day old fry

The adults are still spawning every couple days, so maybe at some point I'll see a juvenile cory appear in the main tank as if from nowhere. If any survive the tetra gauntlet, that is. Those guys will eat anything that moves, if it fits in their mouths!

Of course, now that I've bragged about two-week-old fry, they will probably all die. This coming weekend is going to be stressful, in any case. We're going back up to Friday Harbor for the summer so Shaun can teach a class and do research, and the fish have to come along, since we're going to be gone for close to three months. I'm a bit apprehensive about this. The adults handled the move from FH to La Grande just fine last fall, but I'm afraid the fry won't make it.


Renee said...

I love the panda cory show with its ups and downs. I hope these fellas live to have their own fry someday.

Suz said...

I love the show!

Random gauntlet comment: I had guppies that had spawned and there was a betta in the tank with them. I looked and there was a baby guppy stuck in the mouth of the betta. It was horribly funny (I did rescue the guppy).