Thursday, July 05, 2007


So, I was cleaning the big aquarium last night, just doing a routine water change and vacuuming the gravel a bit. As I was vacuuming around the big driftwood, I noticed a panda cory fry wiggling on the gravel! Apparently one of the black neon tetras noticed as well, since she zoomed down and ate the fry. I lifted the driftwood a bit, and saw several fry wiggling. I immediately put the driftwood back down, stopped vacuuming, and ran for the net. I netted out all the adult fish and lifted out the driftwood again. Using a combination of the gravel vacuum and the net, I captured and removed four cory fry and put them in the little tank. I also picked fifteen eggs off the big java fern and put them in the fry tank.

As of this morning, about half of the eggs have hatched, and I haven't seen any dead fry floating around. Hard to get an accurate count, but I think I've got around 14 babies in the fry tank again.

The rollercoaster ride continues.


Maryellen said...

Boy, your having babies right and left. Is this a commen fish occurence. I know nothing about fish and they're tanks at all.

PJ said...

Oh, gosh...the little fry drama continues! I don't know why, but I'm just as anxious as you when you write about these little things!

Renee said...

Holy smokes. Fry, fry everywhere!

Leigh said...

Wow. You have some pretty prolific fish. I'm glad though, because it seems that their survival rate isn't the best. Never a dull moment.