Monday, September 24, 2007

Continuing in the vein of "HOW can she have gotten this big??" is this picture:

The requisite, posed, first day of school shot.



Emma started preschool today. My baby really isn't a baby anymore.

She had a great time, with just a bit of clinginess and crying when I left. She was playing happily when I arrived later to pick her up, and the teacher said she only cried for a couple minutes. She asked all afternoon if she could go back tomorrow. Playdough AND painting, both in the same day. Just imagine!

I, on the other hand, had a horrible time concentrating on anything from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.


Caroline M said...

That's it now, the start of independant life. She'll know songs that you don't, have read books that you haven't and in no time at all be learning interesting facts about tree frogs.

Anonymous said...

oh my god. already!?

hang in there sister sue!
congratulations big girl emma!

love, sagelet

Maryellen said...

It's sad at first and then soon you'll be doing a happy dance around the house. My kids are in school full time now. Eight years ago when I started this I never thought it would happen. Now looking back it really moved pretty quick.

Roxie said...

Just saw your poem on Norma's blog. Lovely!Thank you.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Maryellen is right, it is sad at first and then you'll do the happy dance. I cried the first day I took the twins to daycare but a month later when I had a holiday from work but their school was still in session, I um, enjoyed that day :)

Still, they grow too damned fast!

Suz said...

She is such a pretty little lady. I'm sure you guys will transition well :)

Liz said...

She looks SO different from the kiddo I met over the winter! Wow!

Glad she likes school... that is HUGE! :)

Elayne said...

Make sure you turn the camera on yourself for at least one shot. You will have something to share one's your first day too.

Don't worry she'll have everyone eating out of her hands within a week and probably running the class by the end of the month.

Wishing you both happy days,