Sunday, September 09, 2007

I decided that it's time I got back to Kiri, after abandoning it way back in March. I hadn't worked on it at all since I returned from Maine, when Cobalt was so sick. (She's still with us, by the way, but still doesn't look great. Pretty wobbly, and moving slow. She hasn't gotten worse, though, so we're just enjoying her company for as long as she's not in pain or distress. I'm glad she didn't have any bad episodes this summer; at least the housesitters didn't have to deal with anything horrible.)

So, Kiri. I'm up to 20 layers of leaves now, and have used 42g out of a total of 78g of yarn.

I've used just over half of the yarn, and I'm thinking it's about time to start the finish, though I might do one more layer of leaves. Right now it stretches to about 35" along the middle line. The edge treatment may possibly be a narrow band of a different lace pattern, then a knit-on edging. I have no idea what patterns yet. If I were to do the edging as written in the published pattern, it would be about an inch wide, maybe two after blocking.

Size 1 (2.5mm) needles and the Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro yarn make a lovely fabric, but it's very small scale!

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jackie said...

OK. I have started Kiri with my own hand spun but I want to know what weight your yarn is. I have some lace weight yarn that I have that would work well. I think. My yarn is about a sock weight and I think that it may be too fat. My first lace project, you know, and I am feeling a little insecure. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Lace knitter, you ;-)