Saturday, September 01, 2007

The MS3 knitting is finished. I grafted the center this morning, and my stole is ready to be washed and blocked.

I ended up just grafting the two halves together. I decided that I wanted the small center motifs to continue uninterrupted across the middle, and joining the halves with a perpendicularly-knit-on lace insertion would have disrupted that. The graft isn't totally invisible, because the pattern mirrors, but I like it. And it's symmetrical.

Tomorrow, we leave Friday Harbor. I can't believe it's September already- it seems like just yesterday we were in La Grande packing and cleaning and loading the car to come up here. And now we're headed back to Oregon. The car is packed (all but the fish and the cat), the little U-Haul trailer is stuffed with the remaining equipment and books from Shaun's lab, and we're departing on the 5:25am ferry tomorrow.

I'll be sad to leave Friday Harbor, but on the other hand, our dog will be very glad to see us, and my loom awaits!

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