Monday, October 22, 2007

Emma has outgrown all her hats, so I took the rainbow-dyed skein I made last Thursday and knitted her a hat last night.

Here's what it looked like in the skein:

And here's that same skein knitted up.

I started with a provisional cast on (100 stitches), did K2P2 rib for two inches, did a round of K2tog/yo, then knit two inches of stockinette. The next round I knit the provisional cast on stitches together with the stockinette stitches to form a facing, with the K2tog/yo row at the fold, then carried on with the stockinette for another 2.5 inches. I designated 8 decrease points(K2tog, k, k, ssk), at the quarter marks of the round. Decreased until 8 stitches remained, ran the yarn tail through them, and snugged it up. Emma requested a pompon, so I put one on.

Easy peasy, and except for about an inch and a half of knitting and the pompon it was a one evening project. And one skein, too, with quite a bit left over. I really like the way the Knitpicks Bare 100% merino DK knit up. I used US5 needles, and it makes a thick, cushy, soft fabric. And I love the way the yarn overs on the turning round make little picots at the edge. It's a nice edge on the top of socks, but in the larger yarn for the hat, they really stand out.

Cute, it fits, and it's big enough/stretchy enough to have some growing room.

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