Monday, October 15, 2007

I don't think I've ever had a weaving project that I've completed, start to finish, in one day. Until today, that is. I wove a chenille scarf today. I measured the warp, sleyed, threaded, and beamed it while Emma was at school this morning, then wove it off and twisted the fringe this afternoon. It's currently soaking in a nice warm bath, and will be dry by evening (given the warm breezy weather outside).

It's 7.6 oz, and measures 7" x 76", with a 6" fringe. It's just plain weave, but you can't beat the drape and feel of chenille.

Weaving this was fun- the chenille behaved very well, and I was able to throw the shuttle fast, without messing with or touching the selvedges at all. Throw/beat, throw/beat, throw/beat..... about once a second. First time it's clicked that well for me.

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Leigh said...

I love chenille. And in only one day?!?! I'm impressed!