Friday, October 19, 2007

I saw this little quiz on Suz's blog, and took it just for fun. I was a little surprised at the results:

How evil are you?

Angelic? Wha...? I mean, I don't think I'm a horrible person, but come on, can't I be at least a little evil? Some of the questions were a little too general, though. For example, the last question ("What do you fantasize most about?") did not have "wool" or "birdwatching" as choices. Come to think of it, though, those options probably wouldn't have changed the quiz outcome. Oh well. Just please don't call me Pollyanna.

I washed Herkel's fleece today.

It came mostly clean with one soapy soak, but there were still some dirty clumpy tips, so I gave it a second soapy soak. Then two rinses, the last with a glug of vinegar, and voila!

I was searching around the web last night, casually looking at wool comb prices, just for background information, you know...... The lowest prices I found online for Indigo Hound English combs were at Bountiful. I'm looking at the five-pitch fine model. Anybody know a better price than $135? Or do you know somebody that has a set they no longer want? They don't ever seem to come up on the used equipment pages.

In other news, I've been waiting patiently and today I got my invite to Ravelry. I signed up at the beginning of September, after resisting for a long time. I did it primarily to be able to browse the finished projects and see what things look like in different yarns, and see how the items look when made and worn by various people. I thought that I probably wouldn't enter anything myself, but just use it as a reference. However, I uploaded pictures to Flickr throughout the past week, and when I got my invite this morning, I found myself frittering away the entire time Emma was at school, creating project pages and exploring Ravelry. I entered a few older projects (I had to add the Urchin Shawl to their pattern list, after all!), but I don't know that I'll enter every project I've ever done. It's just too much of a time sink. Maybe slowly, over time.

I did, however, get all Flickr-ified over the past week, so if you want to see my recent and historic weaving, knitting, crochet, hardanger, and cross stitch projects, feel free to look! I haven't added the spinning pictures yet. I'm mostly only uploading finished item pictures, since I have progress pictures here on the blog and there's no need to duplicate things that much. I know that Ravelry only does knit and crochet, but I got on a roll with the uploading, and put in all the finished fibery pictures I had on my computer. I haven't done any cross stitch for probably close to five years, but I think I may have to pull out a couple UFO's and finish them off.

So anyway, I have lemminged right along onto the Ravelry bandwagon. My name over there is snailspirals, if anyone wants to be my friend.....

(Now I'm having flashbacks to first grade, when I asked a girl named Sharon if she would be my friend, and she looked at me scornfully and said "No." That may have been when my reclusive tendencies took root.)


Laritza said...

I have been thinking about your quest for 5 pitch combs. The first set I bought was one of those. I promptly sold it the main reason is they are way too heavy. Now I use a two row set. They do the job, they are not as heavy, a bit less waste. They are not any cheaper but I think you would be happier overtime. The thing to do is try and find someone that has them and try them out.

PJ said...

What great sets on your flickr..I've just made it through the thread crochet one will return for more. I'm catching up...I know that the R place is my next place!

PJ said...

Oh, I'm 'twisted' just barely evil....mahahaha!