Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well this is exciting- my glowlight tetras spawned last night! I have 1 female and 2 males, and for the past month or so, the female has been looking extremely round. I never really considered that they would actually spawn, given my water hardness and neutral pH, but they did last night.

The males were flushed much darker than their usual coloring, and both they and the female had a dark spot at their vents. The males chased the female all over the place, and about every 15 minutes or so, they dove into the plants and she released a cloud of tiny (TINY) eggs. Probably 30-50 at a time.

Of course, the black neon tetras and panda cories followed along behind and ate every egg, but it was still really neat to see. I bought a new tank Sunday (upgraded from 7 gal to a 14 gal , woo hoo!), and the fish seem really happy. The cories (lots of grown-up babies now, which precipitated the desire for a new tank) have lots of room to swim now, and obviously the glowlights are happy with the new digs.....

I took some video:

Sorry for the pretty bad quality, that's the best my digital camera can do on video. And don't mind the algae-covered plants, I'm working on it. The other tank was overstocked from all the cory babies, and had a recurring algae problem. And yes, I'll be getting more plants and a background- I just set up this tank a day and a half ago, after all, give me a break!

I have no plans to try and raise glowlight fry. I have enough on my hands with panda cory fry. The 7-gal tank has become the new fry tank.....a step up from the 2.5 gal.


cyndy said...

They all look happy and healthy!

congratulations...it is not that easy to maintain such a good environment...so many things to balance!

mon@rch said...

wonderful aquarium and I love your video that you captured!