Friday, December 14, 2007

I've finished another gift for a co-worker, a Calorimetry.

Once again, Knitpicks Bare 100% merino DK, dyed by me. This is an interesting pattern, shaped entirely with short rows. I think if I make another I'll cast on fewer stitches, because even using DK yarn and US 5 needles (rather than worsted/aran yarn and US 8 needles) it's a tad loose.

Even loose on me, I mean. It's much too big on Emma, but she insisted that it was her turn to be the model.


Kris said...

Emma is so cute!

I've been thinking about knitting one of those for myself. I am, after all, headband obsessed (or as others put it... way too dang lazy to fix my hair! It's all in how ya spin it!).

It just looks so wonderful, and comfy and, and, and....

PJ said...

Question for you think it would work around the neck and keep chin, lips, and nose warm for a short time....something for when I pretrip my bus in the morning. Scarves tend to fall from around my neck (because I have to check under the bus as well and lean over checking tires ect.)