Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Emma has had a rough day today. She didn't want to get out of bed this morning, then she didn't want me to go to work and leave her at daycare. Then, after I was done with work four hours later and went to pick her up, she didn't want to leave. She was sobbing, not wanting to be away from Titan, a little boy at daycare.

We went and did some errands, had lunch, and she seemed better so I let her watch the Backyardigans on TV. I told her that one episode was it, then the TV was going to be turned off. She agreed. Then when the show was over and I turned off the TV, an absolute meltdown ensued.


Me: Sorry, sweetie, it's time to turn it off like we agreed.


Me: No, Emma, it's time to do other things. How about playing outside on your swings?

Emma: NO NO NO NO NO.....

She threw herself on the floor and totally did the screaming, fist-pounding, leg-kicking tantrum like you see in the movies.

I was trying to be patient and not get riled up myself, and also not laugh. Neither would have helped.

It was a truly amazing display of hysterics.

I picked her up and took her to her room, put her in her bed (still screaming) and pulled the sheet over her. She yelled at me "I'M NOT HAVING A NAP! I'M NOT CRANKY!"

Five minutes later?

Sometimes it's hard being a kid.


Kris said...

Anna Grace has been having more of those moments lately. I think the independence thing is causing part of the clash. The other part is she is refusing to sleep during her nap times. She still gets put to bed but she stays awake the whole time. Ugh!

Renee said...

I hear ya loud and clear. It is hard to be a kid but infinitely harder being the parent. In our house, Claire is snapping out of this stage but Jillian is fixing to pick up where her sister left off (my only consolation is that Jillian has a much milder temperament).

jackie said...

Yup. I always love that "I'm not tired" said with eyes at half mast and supressing a yawn.....

Teish said...

Oh yeah, been there... REGULARLY! LOL! "I'm NOT grumpy! I don't WANT a NAP! I'm NOT TIRED!" My daughter will fight sleep with everything in her, but my older son will crawl up in my lap and nod off sometime just before or after lunch. The baby boy doesn't even do that anymore!

Angie said...

Sometimes it's hard being a parent, but aren't they lovely when they sleep!