Monday, August 11, 2008

So... my yarn winder arrived on Monday, after it's trip from Colorado to Oregon via Washington. My evaluation? Great. I got the motorized version only because I bought this to use for selling yarn. If it was just for personal use, I would have gotten the human-powered version. I had to think a while about whether to get the motor, but in the end, my shoulder vs. miles of laceweight yarn won out.

It was easy to put together, and I had it up and running in about 15 minutes. I wound off the last four cones of laceweight yarn I had on hand, a total of 4 pounds, into ~4 oz skeins, in 45 minutes.

Let me repeat that. Four pounds of yarn, sixteen skeins.

Forty. Five. Minutes.

This would have taken me hours, pre-winder, using my swift. Probably 3-4 hours, maybe more. This was a really (really) big purchase for me, but after I skein off four more cones of yarn, the machine will have paid for itself just from time saved in winding from the cones and rewinding the dyed skeins.

Rewinding does go slower than winding off the cones, but it's still better than winding the dyed skein off the swift into a ball, then using the swift to wind it back to a skein. The extra step to go into a ball irritated me.

And I love that this is completely paid for out of the profits from my Etsy shop, and my balance sheet is still in the black.


Leigh said...

Hmm. Now, this is a toy that I don't have. Sounds very, very useful.

cyndy said...

Great purchase!

I'm all for anything that saves time...I've been using the nod to rewind...(and my shoulder complains about that...)and I don't do nearly the volume that you are working with!