Sunday, November 23, 2008

I finally got fed up with my old and decrepit digital camera yesterday, and bought myself a present. My old camera gave faithful service for 4+ years, and I'm a bit sorry to have to move on, but I was getting frustrated at having to reset the white balance for every single shot when photographing yarn for my shop, plus post-editing in Photoshop to get the colors right. And the battery cover was cracked, so the only way to hold the batteries in was to screw the tripod base plate to the camera and hold the cover closed by sheer force. And it was starting to eat batteries.

Have I sufficiently justified myself yet? No? Even when I say that I now have 8.1 megapixels instead of 3.2 and 5x optical zoom instead of 3x? Still no? Well, how about if I just show you this:

My dessert tonight. Mmm, pomegranate seeds. I always have a little contest with myself, to see if I can extract every seed without puncturing any. (Tonight's score - Me: eleventy-hundred, Pomegranate: zero)

My new camera is WAY close-focussing. Five centimeters. It captures beautifully true colors, even indoors, at night, without flash or tripod. The viewscreen is big and clear, and there are tons of options and settings. It seems pretty easy to use, so far.

It's not top of the line by any means, but it's a great little point and shoot. I like it.


Julie Phillips said...


Liz said...

mmmm.... pomegranate. :)
Have fun with the new camera! I just got myself a new point and shoot, too (the old one? 6 year old, 2 megapixels!). I'm actually using it more than my DSLR!

rizz said...

Congrats! It's good to update the tech every once in a while!

Renee said...

I'm always ready to endorse new camera purchases. Your new one seems great (I have a secret yearning for a little point and shoot to carry in my purse because the SLR is massive).

cyndy said...

Beautiful! They look like little ruby gems :-)