Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I finished dyeing Buttercup's fleece tonight:

I ended up dyeing dark brown instead of black as one of the accent colors, because, well... I wanted to. I just thought the brown would go better with the rest of the muted earthy colors. We shall see. If the first batt doesn't come out as planned, I can always overdye that bunch of wool to darken it up. I ended up doing two batches of the chartreuse. I was concerned that the small amount of bright colors would get lost in the dark green, and be unnoticable. I dyed the last little bit of fleece, which wasn't enough to make a full 100 gram batch, red for the same reason. The red over the natural gray looks fabulous, by the way, and there will be a red sweater from a gray fleece at some point down the road.

So in all, I have:
  • 400 g green
  • 400 g brown-green
  • 100 g green-brown
  • 100 g dark teal
  • 100 g light teal
  • 200 g chartreuse
  • 133 g red
  • 100 g brown
Hopefully 1533 g (~3.4 lb) of fiber will make enough 3-ply worsted weight yarn for a sweater with some cable-y goodness on it. It should.

I also had a helper tonight, running quality control to ensure the wool is sufficiently soft and has a good warmth factor. Note the lovely cozy cat bed immediately behind him.


Laritza said...

Oh my! that is lovely fiber! Is the carder in yet?
Tomorrow I am going to go pick up my double end Schacht( bobbin winder! No more masking tape and no more flying bobbins!

Caroline M said...

Is it Wednesday yet? Will we be seeing another post tomorrow or will you be too busy?

Liz said...

this is going to be so much fun to watch.