Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, I'm halfway through the wait until my box from Copper Moose gets here. Five more days. Caroline guessed what I'm getting - a drum carder. Specifically, a Strauch Finest! Yippee!

I've wanted a good drum carder since I started spinning eight years ago, and finally took the plunge. The question of which carder to get has been percolating around in the back of my mind for at least seven years. I went back and forth between features and price, tried out a couple different models and researched on the internet, thought about price some more, and finally came to the conclusion that the Strauch is the one.

I definitely wanted a full-size carder, and chain drive would be a plus. What really sealed it for Strauch is the chain drive, the unique lickerin drum cloth, the brush attachment, and their solid track record of happy customers. The accessories (batt picker, cleaning brushes, teasing board, clamps) that come included with it are great, and the package from Copper Moose includes a free 2 pound fiber bonus in addition to free shipping. Woot! Plus, I knew that Strauch was going to be raising their prices on Jan 1, so it just seemed like the ideal time to buy.

This is the longest week and a half ever.

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