Monday, March 02, 2009

Well, it's Monday again. Also, it's March. Is it just me or are the weeks of 2009 just flying by? I actually got a lot accomplished at work today, most of Mount Laundrypile folded and put away, the bathrooms cleaned, and am cautiously optimistic that this week is going to be better than last week (which was less than steller for many reasons, none of which were really that terrible by themselves, but when combined led to what seemed like an insurmountable wall of frustration and grumpiness).

I binged on the spinning over the weekend, accomplishing what may be my personal best to date in terms of volume and time:

This is contract spinning for Tanglewood Fiber Creations; 16 ounces of cashmere/silk and 16 ounces of camel/silk. Two full pounds of singles for sockweight yarn. Spun in ~10 hours over three days. Each two ounce ball took 35-40 minutes.

I love it when the fiber drafts as easily as these preparations did. Long draw rocks.

I've also been carding, and have tipped over the halfway point on the green Corriedale batts. I have 16 of 30 done and ready to spin.

The sweater carding may possibly be done by next weekend!


Caroline M said...

All that fibre stuff and laundry too - I'm very impressed.

PJ said...

WOW! You are on a ROLL!!! pun intended! Love the reuse of tp rolls!