Sunday, August 02, 2009

I really don't understand how it can be that Emma is getting so big so fast. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was gazing up at me as she nursed, with my finger clutched in her little fist?

Our local county fair was this weekend, and Emma had a very special event on Saturday. I'm so not ready for this.

Her first horse show! She got second place out of a group of five kids in the "Lead Line - 6 and under" performance class! She's riding Cookie, and her teacher Jenny was in the ring with her (holding the lead line, hence the name of the class) as she demonstrated walking, stopping, and trotting. I'm very proud of her. The fact that she's interested in an expensive pursuit like horseback riding is Shaun's doing.

After her show class was over, she and I moseyed over to the rides (more like oozed - it was 103°F) and had a couple rides.

This was her first time on the Ferris wheel; she was too scared to go on it last year.

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elizabeth said...

What a great picture! It's good to see your face! Have fun at Sock Summit, I'm way jealous. :o)