Saturday, August 22, 2009

I finally finished plying my green sweater yarn yesterday. This was stalled for a long time, but once I actually sat down to do it, I finished all the plying in one night.

Amazingly enough, this is the sum total of leftover singles.

Two of the final three balls came out exactly even(!), and the remaining one only had 7 grams on it, which I chain-plyed into a 10-yard mini-skein.

After a quick swim in the tub, and a swing on the clothesline on a sunny afternoon,

I ended up with this lovely pile of loveliness.

I have 1850 yards (44 oz) of 3-ply, in twelve skeins, which poofed up a bit more than anticipated when washed. I'm not exactly sure why that happened, as I did sample, and I treated the sample the same as the final yarn. I think maybe my singles got just a smidge thicker than my sample, as I was long-drawing with delicious abandon and thinking "not laceweight! not laceweight!"

It's extremely springy and boingy, and will make a wonderful sweater, though I may have to rethink the extensive cabling I had planned. I think that might make the sweater too heavy. Perhaps a plain stockinette background, with one cable up the front and sleeves or around the neck. Must think...

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Caroline M said...

The yarn looks lovely and I can't wait to see what it becomes.