Friday, December 25, 2009

Nothing since OCTOBER? Two and a half months since I posted? Really? I think this is the first time in my five years as a blogger that I have actually missed an entire calendar month.

Bad blogger.

I have been doing things, really I have. November was a weirdly disjointed and apathetic month, as was December, and though I was doing things I mostly felt like hibernating. I'm kind of glad that we're almost to a new year, a new decade, and a fresh start. Even though December 31 to January 1 is only one day following another, it seems like it should be a time to take a deep breath and start again. Or whatever.

There has been weaving, and spinning, and knitting, and crocheting, and even traveling. Lots of good stuff, eminently bloggable, I just haven't done it.

Baby steps, right? Posting tonight is a start. Not every post has to be in depth and profound. I just need to overcome inertia and go.

See you tomorrow!


Caroline M said...

It is lovely to see you back, I thought that you'd gone for good. I'd like to see what your green sweater looks like now because the yarn was lovely.

PJ said...

totally feel ' and me both! and guess what? it's really OK! Hibernating is good ...some furry creatures do it! ;)

E J said...

I agree - I think hibernating should be common practice. I have just discovered your blog and I love your woven bookmarks! :)

Claire said...

welcome back! I'm glad I checked in :-)